No Limit Fitness Blog
Cheltenham, UK

Bio: Hi, my name is Martin, I’m a Personal Trainer and owner of ‘No Limit Fitness’. My passion is fitness. In 2009, I found the inspiration for changing my career and lifestyle through watching a friend compete in an Ironman competition (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile cycle and a 26.2 mile marathon). Motivated by the stamina and emotions that I witnessed, I came home and registered for the following year. I have now completed four full Ironman events, and spend my leisure time doing the things I enjoy most: triathlon, cycling, (road and mountain bike), running, walking and swimming. I’m based in the Gloucestershire area. I provide Personal Training, Fitness for Endurance Sports, Running Coaching and Diet Control. Whatever your level of fitness, no limit fitness will create a bespoke programme, tailored to meet your specific objectives, preferences or needs, giving you the individual attention that can make all the difference. My primary aim is to provide a professional, personal, friendly, high quality and enjoyable training service – with a smile. I can devise specific programmes that will help you achieve your goals quickly, ensure that you perform exercises safely and effectively and give you the encouragement and extra motivation you need to attain maximum results.

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