10 Week Programme – Final Thoughts!

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Claire (Client);

I have always enjoyed going to the gym, and have been a member of a gym on and off for over 20 years. I have gone through phases of being really fit and going to the gym nearly every day, and then being really unfit and putting on weight, which stage I was at 10 weeks ago, without having any enthusiasm and just losing a couple of pounds and then putting the weight back on, with no direction.

I was asked to enrol in a 10 week personal training programme, my first thoughts were I wasn’t ready, I wanted to lose weight and be fitter before I entered into a 10 week programme, I knew I had a lot going on in the 10 weeks ahead, this wasn’t really the perfect time. Then I stopped and thought about it, and thought it will never be the right time, I have to do this now, or probably I never will. I then started to feel more positive and started to look forward to the first training session, as I knew this would be the start in the right direction, to be fitter.

The 10 week programme that Martin put together was very structured, he made sure that he didn’t just throw me in at the deep end; he made sure that I would come back to the next session. By carrying out the fitness session on day one, Martin was fully aware of what fitness level I was at, so he made sure the programme was tailored to me. He made the sessions interesting as he always bought in new exercises, always pushing me, but always in my capability. During the 10 week programme Martin covered, posture, breathing, core, strength, and cardio.

Martin has introduced me to a whole new way of working out, I have trained so many years in a gym, but have never trained like this ever before, the way I have been trained has really opened my eyes, how effective this training has been.

Martin as a personal trainer is focused, passionate and explains why each exercise is being done. He made sure that the programme was tailored just for me. Martin is very knowledgeable and he knows exactly what is required to get the results required.

I have come away from the 10 week programme being more positive, wanting to continue with all the good work, and knowing that to get fit you don’t have to spend hours on a treadmill, there is a whole new way to train, that will be more interesting.

I would highly recommend this 10 week training programme, as it is a brilliant kick start. Martin makes sure that you will come out of the programme knowing exactly what to do in the gym by yourself, you will have a better knowledge of what exercises work which muscles, how to gain better posture, you will know the correct breathing technique when training, how to have a full workout within an hour.

My only regret is that I didn’t enrol on this programme months before, but looking on the positive side I have started it now and the improvements that I have been made in just 10 weeks have been amazing. I am now looking forward to the next 10 weeks and what results that will bring.