Week 10 out of 10

Session 19

Claire (Client);

Today was my fitness test to see how far I had come over the 10 weeks. This would consist of a mile run, press ups, the plank and sit ups. Also Martin took my measurements, blood pressure and weighed me. So I am really looking forward to the results.

However, I could not believe the difference on the treadmill. On week 1 I thought that I wasn’t going to complete the mile run, it was really hard, for most of the run I could hardly breathe and I had to bring down the speed and walk at one stage. Week 10 Martin put me back on the treadmill, and this time it was so much easier, I cannot believe the difference within 10 weeks, my breathing was under control, I didn’t feel warn out and the run felt easy. During the 10 weeks, I have not run on the treadmill, but we have done loads of different exercises to get my breathing right, and improve my overall fitness, which has made me achieve this in just 10 weeks. I cannot wait for the results of the rest of the fitness test and the measurements.

I walked out of the gym feeling a big sense of achievement how well I did on the treadmill. I know that I would have never got to this stage in so little time if left to my own.

Martin (PT);

  • Claire did incredibly well with her fitness tests. Just watching her do the tests I could tell she has improved considerably. I look forward to seeing what the results will be later this week.





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