Week 9 out of 10


Session 17

Claire (Client);

This is now my 9th week. Today was more about cardio training, where again there was a lot of running involved in today’s session. Martin also gave me an exercise with Kettle bell’s . Martin introduced another new exercise today, which worked the whole of the body, I found it hard to get the technique right, but Martin showed me how to get this correct. Martin always watches and makes sure that all the exercises are carried out correctly, so I don’t get injured and I get the maximum out of my workout.

Last week I handed in a week’s food diary to Martin, and we discussed this in today’s session. When Martin had added up my lattes and said if I cut down, not out, that I could have lost an extra half pound in the week. I said to Martin that I would cut these out off my diet altogether, Martin said that this wouldn’t be a good idea as I would only crave them, and only to cut down. I know Martin is right, as this has been shown in my personal training sessions, Martin has bought me up to this standard of fitness during the 9 weeks, if he had thrown me in the deep end from day one, I would have lost interest as it would have been too hard and not achievable, so the same must apply to food.

This is what is so beneficial about having a Martin as a personal trainer he knows how to get the best results in the correct way.

Martin (PT);

  • Going through Claire’s food diary for the previous week, I saw that she had drunk 9 lattes, this works out to about ½lb of weight (checkout websites like Costa’s, it will give you a idea on how many calories you are drinking!). On hearing this, Claire’s first response was that she would cut these out of her diary straight away. This is a typical response. For successful weight loss it’s about making small changes. Cutting something out of your diet which you enjoy, will end up with you craving it. Trying cutting back to maybe one every other day or only at weekends. Make changes that you can sustain.
  • I gave Claire a new exercise for this session, hitting a sledgehammer onto an old large tractor tyre. Swinging a sledgehammer correctly requires some technique and took Claire a few attempts to get it right. I don’t introduce loads of new exercises each week down, as learning a new technique can be time consuming. I want to spend as much as the session as possible working on important things, weight loss, posture, etc.

Session 18

Claire (Client);

Martin asked me on Monday to think about my own training session, thinking about what we had covered over the 8 weeks. Martin handed me a sheet, which was broken down into sections, warm up, breathing, cardio, strength, stability, core, cool down and stretches and I had to think what I would do in each section. This was a really good as it made me stop and think more what I would do if I was by myself in the gym. I really enjoyed thinking about my own training session, and had many different exercises I could have used in each section, as Martin has covered such a lot of different exercises over the last 8 weeks. Today I had a really good workout that I had put together from what knowledge I had picked up during my personal training sessions. I thought that I could always put a good workout together, but I must admit I would have never thought of a workout like this if I had never had my sessions with Martin. It was fun, and I had a full workout, from cardio to strength training all in an hour. I am now confident that I could go to a gym by myself and think of a good training programme.

Martin (PT);

  • I asked to Claire to write her own programme for this session using the knowledge she has built up over the last 9 weeks and covering all the key components of a good session. When people decide to go to the gym it’s important to know what you want to do and what you want to achieve when you get there. Where most people go wrong is that they walk into the gym and go ‘hmmm what shall I do’. They end up having a little go on most things and not really doing much. They walk out with thoughts of exercise being boring! With people’s lives being so busy, it’s important you go to the gym knowing what you want to do and make the most of that 1-2hrs.





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