Week 8 out of 10

Claire KettleBell

Session 15

Claire (Client);

This is now my 8th week. Today Martin did another different circuit, which consisted of strength and cardio training. Martin picked up a weakness which I had on one side. As Martin worked my muscles harder today as more strength than cardio, my arm and legs did shake during some exercises, especially the plank where I was balancing on the ball. At the end of the session I did some interval training. This is my 15th session with Martin, and Martin has not repeated the whole session, always brings in something new each time. There are exercises that are repeated, but Martin varies the personal training session each time so I never get bored or know what is going to come next.

Martin (PT);

  • Claire is much stronger in one leg than she is in the other, which most of us are. It’s important to correct these, as muscle imbalances can cause injuries and cause postural problems in the future. When your muscles are balanced your body moves efficiently, requiring less energy and preventing unnecessary stress on the muscles, nerves, ligaments and joints.

Session 16

Claire (Client);

Friday Martin pushed me even further, where more running was involved. I also did some weight training where Martin gave me some dead lifts to do and then added on extra weight, which at first I thought I couldn’t lift, but soon managed to complete the reps. My upper back muscles did ache for a few days, which means I must have worked hard. I do feel so much different in my self, more comfortable in the clothes I am wearing. These 8 weeks have really got me focused, I am usually bored by now if left to my own routine.

Martin (PT);

  • This week I added dead lifts to Claire’s session. Dead lifts have numerous benefits including working every major muscle in one exercise, strengthening your core (important for a healthy posture and preventing back problems), helps with everyday life (i.e. lifting something off the ground to waist height), etc. Also, if Claire was to take any classes in the future such as Body Pump it’s important for her to know the correct lifting technique as usually classes are so busy the instructor doesn’t have time to check everyone is lifting correctly.
  • Claire mentioned about her clothes being more comfortable to wear. This not only comes from weight loss, but also from her toning. If you look at the photo below of muscle and fat. They both weigh the same, 5lbs. As you can see muscle is more compacted, so doesn’t take up so much space in your clothes.
  • Fat v Muscle





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