Week 7 out of 10


Session 13

Claire (Client);

Wednesday’s session was really good as Martin gave me my usual warm up exercises and a couple of toning and maintenance exercises, followed by a couple of hard circuits, which were really good. Also Martin added some boxing. This got my heart rate up, but again I felt so much fitter, my breathing was so much better. I seem to be seeing an improvement each session. Martin was pushing me harder today; he is doing this each session as I am getting fitter each time. After the last circuit today I did feel slightly sick, but I was really pushing myself and the circuits were hard, but enjoyable. I seem to be enjoying the sessions more the fitter I am getting.

My legs didn’t feel as bad today, but did feel slightly fatigued towards the end of the session.

I have a lot going on in my personal life at the moment, working full time and also in the process of moving, and a very busy week. If I was just going to the gym or a class I know that I wouldn’t be turning up. However, because I make a commitment twice a week with Martin I never miss my personal training sessions, and once I get into the session I forget about how tired I feel and after the session I feel so much better. My motto is “you won’t get fit on excuses”.

I never think it is the perfect time to start a personal training programme, I think if you want to do it, just go for it. In life there will always be things that will get in the way. I would say don’t wait for January etc to start sessions get into it do it now. I am so pleased that I started it 7 weeks ago. I probably wasn’t fully in the right frame of mind, as being overweight and unfit I thought maybe I could lose a bit of weight first or get a bit fitter first before starting. However, by signing up for 10 weeks and just going for it and seeing the results has put me in a much better frame of mind, where now I want to do more. Martin will always balance the sessions just right, what I am doing now I wouldn’t have been doing in the early stages.

Martin (PT);

  • This is a great attitude by Claire and really shows how much she has come on since the start of her programme. She’s right, there will never be the perfect time to start exercising, we can all come up with excuses for not starting or going to the gym, ‘I have too much going on at the moment’, ‘I just lose a little weight before I join the gym’….The time to start exercising is now! We’ve just come into November, an easy and a typical excuse would be ‘No point in starting now, might as well wait till the New Year’. Well just think, lose a pound a week till the week before Christmas and that’s half a stone!
  • Things like moving can be stressful, it maybe easy to skip exercise when you are feeling like this. But exercise has so many other benefits than just improving your health, including reducing stress, boosting your happy (endorphins) chemicals, improving self-confidence, etc.

Session 14

Claire (Client);

Really enjoyed the session today, Martin put together another circuit, a bit harder today, with lots of boxing. Also Martin did some new exercises on the Kettle bells. The fitter I am getting the more enjoyable the sessions are. Today I did not feel sick at all, which was good and I was pushing myself. My legs and arms did ache; put there was lots of upper and lower body exercises. The fitter I am getting Martin gives me less rest. I cannot believe the difference in such a short period of time. Martin always makes sure that my breathing technique is always in the front of my mind to help me perform better during the session.

Martin (PT);

  • Claire’s energy levels during the sessions have really increased. It just shows that with commitment you can soon see some real changes over a short period.
  • Now Claire’s fitness levels are really increasing and she is getting more experienced with the exercises I’m getting her to do, I’m adding new exercises which require a bit more technique (such as with the kettle bells). These types of exercise will help to increase her toning even more, therefore increasing weight loss.
  • It’s really important to keep your breathing under control. Puffing and panting at the end of a exercise doesn’t really help, breathing correctly helps your muscles get the oxygen they need to perform your next exercise to the best of your ability.





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