Week 6 out of 10


Session 11

Claire (Client);

Martin did a mixture of exercises today, from maintenance to fitness. I felt so much fitter today, every session my fitness feels so much better. Martin is now pushing me a little bit further every time. Martin brings in new exercises to shock my muscles and what Martin is giving me, I would have never been able to do on week 1, 2 or 3. It is so great doing these exercises now without feeling sick. I still feel tired after each session, and my muscles do ache, but this is a sign of a good workout. Martin really thinks about the session beforehand and I am not getting bored with the training and still excited about going each time, as Martin’s session are new and refreshing and they are working towards achieving my goals.

Martin (PT);

  • Claire is doing a fantastic job, like she said she is doing exercises now that there was no way she could have done a few weeks ago. It just shows that if you put in the commitment and the work it doesn’t take long for you to start seeing positive changes.


Session 12

Claire (Client);

Today’s session was really good. Martin is pushing me a little bit harder each time. I did feel a bit tired this morning, as I had a really early start, but soon forgot about being tired when Martin started putting me through my paces. This is what I really like about booking in personal training sessions, as you have to turn up, even if you feel tired or don’t feel like training that day. You have made a commitment and have to stick to that. This is why I feel I am seeing great results as I am committed twice a week with Martin, and it is all about being consistent. I cannot believe that I didn’t even feel sick today, even though Martin is making the sessions harder. I did feel my legs were heavy and it was like running through treacle at times, and felt worn out after the session, but didn’t feel sick like I have been feeling in all the previous weeks. Even though I do feel worn out after each section, as I do put 100% into each exercise, I tend to now recover quicker afterwards. I do think part of this is because Martin is always focusing me on my breathing technique, which has helped me recover faster. I feel the reason I am really enjoying these personal training sessions, is because Martin is getting the balance just right, he pushes me more each time, but still keeping me within my boundaries, so I don’t go away thinking I don’t want to come back. I come out of my sessions feeling positive of what I have achieved and the improvements I am making each time. Martin has given me a food diary to complete for 7 days.

Martin (PT);

  • The idea of the sessions is to push Claire just past her comfort zone, to work her hard, but not so hard that she hasn’t got the energy to get on with the rest of her day. Unlike Professional Athletes the majority of us don’t have the luxury of not having anything else to do for the day after training, we have to work, go shopping, look after children, cook dinner, etc.
  • Claire will be filling out a food diary for the next 7 days, although time consuming it’s an excellent way of not only giving me a good insight into what your diet is like, but although yourselves, it’s easy to forget about the little snacks you have throughout the week.
  • Claire came into the session feeling tired and she could have easily skipped exercise today. One of the good things about using a PT is that because you have made an appointment it’s harder to skip a session. Also, sometimes when you are feeling tired, exercise can be a great way to help to revitalise you. Exercise has many more benefits to you than just improving your health.





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