Week 2 of 10


Session 3

Claire (Client);

Wednesday was my 3rd PT session with Martin, and I completed a record showing my long and short term goals.

During this session Martin showed me how to breathe during each rest, which meant that I was getting better results when going onto the next exercise.

Martin continued to work different muscle groups at the same time, as well as cardio. During this session I felt that I was having a good workout and the time went really fast. Martin makes sure that he brings new things to the routine each time, by adding exercises to make it interesting. Also, I am finding it really beneficial with Martin watching my routine, as he corrects me when I am going wrong.

The next day my muscles did ache, lower back muscles, arms and legs, this continued even to Friday’s session.

Martin (PT);

  • Setting goals is a very important way of helping a client work towards what they want to achieve. Goals need to be realistic though, setting unachievable goals leaves you demoralised when you don’t reach them. We will be looking at Claire’s agreed goals in a later blog.
  • I worked on Claire’s breathing, both while doing an exercise and during the recovery. A good breathing pattern ensures that your muscles continue to receive the oxygen they need to keep working hard during the session.
  • I try to incorporate multi-joints and muscles, and moving in various directions when exercising Claire, so that she is not only improving her fitness and burning calories, she is also training in a functional way, meaning she is making the movements she uses in everyday life and activities more efficient, stronger and decreasing her risk of injury.


Session 4

Claire (Client);

During Friday’s session, I felt an improvement on my fitness, as I made sure that I concentrated on my breathing, as I found this helped during and after each exercise, my recovery also seems to be getting better.

Martin continued to build in new exercises, making the session slightly harder, but not pushing me too far. Martin seems to be building me up slowly, and monitors my progress on the way.

This is my fourth session and I am feeling better in myself already, and really pleased that I am really doing something about my weight and fitness and can see slight improvements already even during this very short time. Martin always makes me feel relaxed and he gets the balance right. I find the gym friendly and nobody is judging. The gym is very well positioned, as it is right next to the Cheltenham train station and a very good bus service.

Martin has also asked me to complete an activity diary for 7 days.

Martin (PT);

  • The gym I am training Claire in is called Trimnasium. I spent some time finding a gym suitable to train my clients. I needed a gym which would allow me to train my clients in a functional way, where my female clients would feel comfortable, somewhere which had the tools to train in a fun way and somewhere which has plenty of parking and easy to get to. Trimnasium is everything I was looking for. I have trained clients there for well over a year now and with it’s mixture of tyres, ropes, sledge hammers, TRX, prowler, PowerBags and many more toys I’m still coming up with new and fun exercises.
  • I have asked Claire to fill in an Activity diary for the next 7 days; although it can be time consuming it’s a great tool for making your lifestyle more active and healthy. I will discuss in a later blog when Claire has completed the diary.

Week 1 of 10

me and claire

Session 1

Claire (Client);

Monday was my first PT session with Martin, I was really excited about starting my 10 week programme. During the first session Martin took body measurements, blood pressure, etc. Then we did some warm up exercises before doing the fitness test, which consisted of a mile on the treadmill, this was really hard, as I got out of breath and my legs started to ache after a couple of minutes in. It didn’t get easier but I know that things can only get better. I also did some sit ups, plank and press ups (on my knees). This session was a good introduction and will be good to compare the rests at the end of the ten weeks.

Martin (PT);

  • Fitness tests are used to set some benchmarks for the rest of the sessions. Claire wants to lose fat, if we don’t know what her body fat and waist measurements are at the start of the programme, we don’t know if she is moving in the right direction when we repeat the tests again in a few weeks time.
  • Claire found the mile treadmill test tough as she started off fast, sometimes, when we’ve had a good fitness level in the past we don’t realise how much our fitness has deteriorated over the years of being sedentary and we tend to carry on with exercises thinking we can still do what we used to.
  • The warm-up is a selection of light exercises and dynamic stretches to prepare the body for the session to come. Claire’s warm-up will be the same for the entire 10 weeks, allowing her to work through the exercises without having to think, allowing us to catch-up up at the same time and making the most of the hour’s session.


Session 2

Claire (Client);

I ached from Monday to Friday, but I hadn’t done anything like this for ages. I suppose that is a good sign in a way, shows that I have worked. I was really looking to Friday’s session and was not disappointed.  Firstly, Martin delivered the results of the fitness test, which were better than I thought they would be, so that was positive. I know I have a long way to go. Martin showed me the warm up exercises, which will be the same every time. Martin then gave me some new exercises that I have never done before, which worked cardio and different muscle groups out at the same time, these looked easy, but my heart rate rose quickly and I could feel my muscles start to ache whilst doing the exercises, so this was really affective, as I felt that I was working many different muscles groups at the same time, whilst also raising my heart rate. At the end of the session, Martin showed me how to ‘partner stretch’, which made me push my stretch a bit further. I then did a cool down at the end of the session on the bike.

The session felt like it did go really fast. Martin always gives me time to recover during each set, which I need. Martin explains what exercise achieves. I feel eased in, and Martin encourages me through the session. I am already looking forward to my next session on Wednesday.

Martin (PT);

  • Claire worked very hard during her fitness tests so wasn’t surprised she was aching for a few days. It showed she is willing to push herself hard. The sessions from now on are designed to ease Claire in more and gradually build up her fitness, although she will still feel some aches the next day, it won’t be anywhere near as bad as after her first session.
  • I’m very pleased with Claire’s fitness test results (see photo below), she had great results with her muscular endurance tests and both her Resting Heart Rate and her Heart Rate from the 1 mile treadmill test are very good, these come from when she used to exercise a few years ago and her heart and muscles retaining some of that fitness.
  • As Claire hasn’t exercised for a long time, it’s necessary to prepare the body for the more strenuous demand to come. So the main aim of the first few sessions is to strengthen the body as whole, correct muscular imbalances, and prepare the muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments for the intense training to follow by a period of a relatively light period of adaptation. The exercises also incorporate using more than one joint at once, making the movement more functional (similar to every day life movements) and being more time-efficient.
  • Static stretching at the end of the session can prevent injury, relax the muscles, increase range of motion and flexibility, and better one’s performance. Stretching can be extended and deepened by someone assisting, but you must make sure the moves are done slowly and that you are in full communication throughout to stop the stretch from being taken too far.

fitness test results

(click on image to enlarge)

Client bio

Meet Claire, the client who is taking part in my 10 Week Kick Start programme…..


Hi, I’m Claire Coleman, aged 46. I used to be fairly fit, but over the past 4 or 5 years my lifestyle has turned sedentary, my fitness levels have deteriorated and I have gained weight. I’m a Team Leader at an Insurance company, the job involves sitting down for long periods of the day.

My diet is not great, I usually grab what I can which isn’t the most healthiest, I make sure that I have fruit every day, but unfortunately, I have a sweet tooth and seem to eat mostly the wrong things. Working in an office isn’t the best, as there’s always cakes, sweets and biscuits on offer. I usually have breakfast, which would consist of Weetabix, a roll for lunch, which usually has brie and cranberry sauce, and will snack during the day, on sweets, chocolate, cakes (which is the problem), then in the evenings maybe a curry, chill con carne, jacket potato. At weekends, may have the occasional take away, but not every weekend.

At the moment, I aim to ride my bike to and from work most days, which is about half hour a day. I do belong to a gym and try to attend classes but this doesn’t always go to plan.

I would like to lose weight, feel more positive, and going forward get back to how I use to be, much fitter and thinner.  I want to get back to being able to run 3 miles comfortably and feel fitter whilst doing classes in the gym. At the moment I get out of breath so easily and find it a struggle with carrying this extra weight. I just want to start feeling better in myself.

My initial thoughts about starting the programme, are excitement, as I know this 10 week programme will get me kick started, it will be new and fresh ideas, which will keep me motivated and on track. It will also hopefully make a big difference in my health and fitness and making me feel more positive, which in turn, will make me want to keep going to my goal.

Introducing No Limit Kick Start programme


Hi all,

You maybe interested in a programme I’m running from the 15th September for a client Claire Coleman, aimed at kick starting her into a healthier life style. I will be working with Claire to help her on her way to achieving her goals of weight loss, toning and general fitness. The programme lasts for 10 weeks, and throughout Claire has been kind enough to keep my blog updated and share her experiences with you (including the struggles and achievements). I will also be updating the blog regularly on why we are doing certain exercises, why Claire maybe feeling certain ways. Also I will answer any questions you ask through my blog or Facebook page.

Some of the areas we will be working on;

  • Setting achievable goals
  • Make better informed decisions about your health
  • Fitness testing to see your actual fitness not just what the scales tell you
  • Exercises to correct postural problems (i.e. maybe from sitting at a desk all day at work)
  • Functional training to help you do your everyday tasks and activities better
  • Fun and enjoyable exercises aimed at weight loss, toning and fitness
  • Nutrition advise
  • Making your life more active

At the end of the 10 weeks I will be introducing the programme to the public. So if you are interested this blog will be a great insight to what to expect. There is no magical one hit solution to a healthier lifestyle, but by making small changes which you can carry forward will not only lead to a healthier you, but a healthier you that you can sustain.

So follow my blog by adding your email and you receive emails tell you about updates.

Please share this status with your Facebook friends and pass onto anyone you think maybe interested.






Introducing No Limit Fitness Blog

Hi, I’m Martin a Personal Trainer and owner of No Limit Fitness based in Cheltenham & Gloucester. No Limit Fitness offers specialist training and advice on personal training, fitness for endurance sports, running coaching and diet control. This is my Blog where I will be talking about various aspects of fitness, projects/case studies I’m working on and my own training.